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Copyright 2015 Lincs Creative

We worked with Paint Perfect Motorsport to create a stunning livery for their 2017 race season.

The task seemed simple but involved many unique graphic elements that had to work in harmony with each other, whilst remaining true to the team brand and that of the teams sponsors.

Artwork needed to stand out from the teams competitors, in terms of individualism and to ensure their car could be easily identified by spectators when moving at speed around the track. Plus, it needed to look great on television!

The teams main sponsor were keen to incorporate a flame-like effect into the design that would highlight their product, an engine cleaning product.




The logo's of all sponsors were laid out and a suitable colour palette was chosen that allowed all individual graphics to be displayed as clearly as possible, whilst remaining within the teams brand guidelines and accounting for their main sponsors requests.

Many hours of design work culminated in a livery that hit all of our targets and worked well both on-track at a distance and off-track, when spectators could get up close to the vehicle.

A photoshoot was organised at Rockingham Speedway Stadium to capture high quality images of the vehicle which allowed the team to promote their car online and in print.

Due to physical and budgetary limitations, it was necessary to composite some of the more dramatic 'moving' shots in later in post production.

motorsport race vehicle livery design

"You never cease to amaze me, the images are simply stunning"

Paint Perfect Motorsport Owner

John Creasey